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The puzzle files contain only puzzles -- no parasites.
If you've been surfing the adult web for any length of time, you've probably developed some fairly serious trust issues when it comes to downloading .exe or Active-X files. All of the puzzles on this site are prepared individually by me, using software known to be reliable, on a clean machine. There is nothing in the .zip files but a clean .exe puzzle file. The Flash puzzle files contain only what's necessary to create the puzzle.

If you pick up a bug on your computer, you didn't get it here.

How to do the puzzles

Each Puzzle Page has six "Click here" puzzle links, three for Flash Puzzles (Online) -- Easy, Medium, and Hard -- and three for Windows .exe Puzzles (Download).

Decide which type of puzzle you want to do -- Online or Download -- and then follow the directions below:

Flash (Online) Puzzles
1. Click on the "load" link to display the puzzle. You may get a message bar at the top of your browser warning you that it has blocked active content from loading. Click on the message bar, choose "Allow blocked content", and then click on "Yes" when it asks you if you're sure. (There's nothing in the file but the puzzle).

2. When the puzzle loads, you'll see the puzzle pieces scattered on a blue "desktop". Assemble them in the usual jigsaw fashion to complete the puzzle. You don't have to rotate any of the pieces -- they are already oriented correctly.

3. When you have placed the piece correctly, it will be joined with the pieces that have already been placed, and the line between the pieces will disappear.

See the Puzzle Tips page for more help on solving the puzzles.

Desktop (Download) Puzzles
1. Click on the "download" link on the puzzle page to download the zip file. Put it someplace convenient, like the Desktop or My Documents.

2. Unzip the file, using a zip utility (If you don't have one, try FilZip or 7-Zip -- I have used both successfully).

3. Double-click on the puzzle icon to start the program.

4. You now see all of the pieces of the puzzle. You can move a piece by dragging it with the mouse, or you can click on it to pick it up, and then click again to set it down when you've moved it to where you want it. For the Easy and Medium puzzles, the pieces are already oriented correctly (so you don't have to turn them). For the Hard puzzles, you will probably have to rotate the piece to fit it into the puzzle. Rotate the piece by left-clicking on it to "pick it up", then right-click to turn it clockwise. To turn it counter-clockwise, hold down the Control key while right-clicking.

See the Puzzle Tips page for more help on solving the puzzles.

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